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Lotto [Wed 27/08/14]
Euromillions[Fri 29/08/14]
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Syndicate managers across the country are having a hard time managing their syndicates. It is a thankless job for which they do not get paid extra if the syndicate actually won something. Nobody wants to do it, but somebody has to. Lotteryhelper.co.uk is here to make their task easier and less stressful.
By registering your syndicate on our site you will have all the tools necessary online to run a syndicate. There is no software to download and install and it is TOTALLY FREE!
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The odds of winning the national lottery is 1 in ?.The bigger the syndicate the better the chances of winning.
Lottery Helper has its own syndicate called the ANIMAL FARM SYNDICATE, which you are invited to join even if you are already a member of a syndicate.
You can also join other syndicates hosted here if the manager has invited you to join or contact syndicate managers that published their emails for this on the Syndicates page.
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Luckiest syndicate
Griffins Chartered Accountants
Luckiest user
snorrab (of Snorrab)
Syndicates count : 4650
Users count : 7521
Matched 6 : -
Matched 5 + bonus : -
Matched 5 : 5 times
Matched 4 : 349 times
Matched 3 : 6679 times
Biggest winning : £10.00 mil
Average winning : £9,767

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